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[UPDATE] PAYDAY 2 (Update 1-10) (ENG) - FTS

  • Добавлено: 03.09.2013, 15:18
  • 634 MB
Версия обновления: Update 1-10
Требуемая версия: Любая
Таблетка: Присутствует

PAYDAY 2 - Это кооперативный шутер до четырех игроков, который позволяет всем желающим снова вжиться в роли тех самых героев оригинальной игры PayDay - Умного Далласа, лысого Хокстона, Чейнса и конечно же безумного Вульфа. Новая сеть Crimenet предлагает вам множество разнообразных дел – К примеру от сравнительно простых таких себе набегов на магазины и похищения детей у которых очень богатые родители, до ограбления целых хранилищ банков. По мере прохождения всех миссий, команда из ваших четырех грабителей отправляется немедленно на самые сложные и самые выгодные им миссии.
Patch Description
1. This update will update your game to current version: 1.0.34 (update 10) no matter what update you currently have installed.
2. Thanks to clay65 for all of his work, this would not be possible without him.

Changelog for Update #1 - 20130813

-Fixed the "card / loot drop crash" that community members would experience while in the money screen or in the PAYDAY.
-Fixed the "achievement crash" that community members would experience whenever gaining certain achievements. This also solves the issue where players are disconnected from the server.
-Fixed the "Bad Music" asset on the Nightclub level. It now correctly lowers the amount of people willing to dance to elevator music.
-Fixed the "Pickup Truck" asset on the Nightclub level. It now works.
-Removed the TV's in Four Stores' 24/7 store.
-Removed civilian alert on the office windows facing the street in the Nightclub level. The music is too loud for civvies outside the office to hear. Kinda like in that Hotline Miami level.
-Removed civilian alert on the fancy striped lamps in the Nightclub level.
-Fixed alley door in the Nightclub level.

Changelog for Update #2 - 20130816

-CCE gets +10% cost reduction on all purchases on the Black Market.

-Changed private lobby properties and changed how invite is sent/accepted.
-Invites to private now works.

Controller support
-Expanded Xbox 360 controller support by demand!
-Text on title screen showing xbox controller support when controller is connected (so you know it is working)
-You can now do text scrolling with controller
-Ingame-chat is now visible with controller
-Ingame-Voice chat is now available through push to talk with controller (press upwards on directional pad)

-You are no longer told that you will be released from custody as you get into custody (as you are done for...)
-Fix for crash when joining a spectator camera at times

-Team AI on/off setting is now saved when changing contract
-Can't kick a player at mission end screen (let's start with this and see if we need a vote system)
-Fixed a graphical glitch in end screen when level cap is reached

Loot Drop
-When 2 or more of the same weapon mod is in inventory, that weapon mod no longer drops.

-Bulldozer now talks!
-Tazer also talks!
-Fix for client not being able to melee a Bulldozer

-Added sound to the AK5 reload
-Improved AK47 reload
-Fixed bug with extended mag for R870 giving more ammo than intended

-DOMINATOR - Clients are now able to trade intimidated enemies

Bank Heist
-Bank Deposit is more rewarding (and more risky)
-Fixed an asset problem with cameras not highlighting the control box
-Fixed catwalk on bank roof that bugged out collision wise

Firestarter Day 3
-Fixed some objectives staying even though they were finished in some cases.
-Fixed the vault door glitch/exploit (you won't "accidentally” fall through it )

-Reduced the amount of time between Bain saying damage values.
-Big bug removed on Mallcrasher, that gave players 30x the worth of small windows when destroying 3 bugged windows. Also, rebalanced so that small stuff (vases, bottles etc) give more than before. Also added car windows and upped car destruction value.

Art Gallery
-Fix for rare crash when client shoots at enemies while host leaves the game

-Fixed the pickup asset. Sometimes the guy took a day off and did not show up!
-Fixed crash sometimes when host was trading hostages
-Added real bad music to the bad music asset that reduces the amount of civilians in the club.
-Changed so music stops sooner. This prevents the too long overlap when the assault starts.

Big Oil
-Fixed keycard asset from Big oil 1 to Big Oil2 – it spawned 4 cards. Now it spawns 1 card and on the ground int front of the team when they start. The keycard is highlighted. Pick it up and open the door of choice.

Framing Frame
-Optimized some collision on the train

Jewelry store
-Fixed that if you stand on the safe door on Jewellery store while it's drilling, and then keep yourself on the door while it opens, as soon as you get off the door you fall through the floor to the base of the map, and then teleport back to the playable area. So now you can stand on the safe door.....
-Fixed so that Bain does not tell you the police are sending in harder units, even though there are no police as you are in full stealth.
-Made it so the small parking lot booth does not allow the police to walls of it if you are inside.

-Bain speaks the correct line when player gets money and intel.

Changelog for Update #4 - 20130821

-Fixed a bug on the bank job(s) where sometimes the van door wouldn't open, causing progression to halt
-Fixed a bug on the Firestarter 3 job where sometimes the player could not secure bags
-Fixed a bug where a secondary gun would not show up in the safe house

Changelog for Update #5 - 20130822

-We got word from Bain that the Washington PD is really stepping up their car chase unit - keep
an extra eye out in the back mirror heading out of your heists
-Bags - you no longer can grab them through walls, fences and such - the easy days are gone!
-Revives - gone are the days of reviving your team mate through walls - man up!
-Your loot bags now show up in a growing pile in your escape car or chopper

-Updated several skill descriptions
-ECM jammers can now be used to open ATM machines
-Tweaked ECM feedback potency
-Hitman buffed
-Silent Drilling - Lower the drill sound effect volume when skill is activated
-Chameleon skill description text is now updated and more descriptive
-Drill Sergeant BASIC and ACE bonuses increased
-Buffed Cable Guy ACE
-Buffed converted cops damage
-Buffed Underdog BASIC
-Stockholm Syndrome - Civilians revive the player faster now

-Fixed that the progress backup save language wasn't clear enough

-HUD viewpoints no longer clips at the edges

-Added beeping call sound for the pager call
-Cranked up the volume on the ECM jammer
-New Bain-lines added
-Added new footsteps
-We now stop weapon animations at mission end to prevent them from triggering sounds - for
example, no more reload sound from shotgun in mission end screen

-Fixed pistols (some of them) not using "aiming sensitivity"

-Crime.net & Menu
-Crime.net filters! Finally! More filter options in crimenet. Pick difficulty, server numbers,
new (1 player in) and old (2-3 players in) servers
-XP tweaks to 1 day jobs vs 3 day jobs, it is now much more worth doing 2-3 day jobs
-Prevent terminate contract option if signed out (server in failed/disconnected state)
-Fixed a crash when host sign-out and sign-in during loading
-Fixed support for ultra widescreen / eyefinity
-Magically fixed controller for Ingame manual

-Enemies will now be highlighted when they are behind glass, while player is looking through
cameras, and the "box" marking heads of enemies will work through glass
-Gangsters can be highlighted during sneak phase
-Tweaked enemy surrender chances
-Sniper shoots less often but packs more punch
-Taser has more health and is a bit more sadistic
-Bulldozer has now a higher damage tolerance, and is more evil
-Taser volume cranked up
-Converted enemies will no longer have a pager when they die
-Converted guards on players side don't try to sneak off a call for backup

-Fix on saw melee

-Fixed a Steam disconnect issue caused by slow harddrives stalling the network thread
-Optimize the network code for less waiting

Mallcrashers Job
-Lots of new art for the mall such as lamps, barrista furniture and more
-New asset icons for mallcrasher gas cans are in.
-Blocked off a place where the player could get stuck if he really wanted to inspect certain gym
equipment from... interesting angles
-Fixed a wonky door on Mallcrasher
-Made the AI move around better on the map
-Removed the small rooms with the gas cans - reviewers really wanted this

Framing Frame Job - Train Trade
-Fixed issues where bags wouldn't count when traded in the Train Trade
-Bag collision on roof of train fixed
-Fixed collision in the secret tunnels
-Removed a floating stone!

Ukranian Job
-Safes that would spawn inside of walls have been removed

Bank Jobs
-Moved the ATM machines in the lobby a bit so they don't intersect
-Thermal drill now gets Technician bonuses for speed, alert radius and fixing itself

Framing Frame Job
-Fixed disappearing environment on the roof on the penthouse
-Fixed a light bug
-Fixed some rare objectives bug

Four Stores Job
-ATM machines now have a random chance on appearing
-Changed civilian animations so that there no longer are stonecold civilians during assaults

Rats Job - Trade
-Fixed a crash related to the client drop-in joining and crashing after a couple of seconds

Art - Miscellaneous
-Made glass double sided on player van
-Added window damage on on office dividers with glass in them

-Added Park Escape in daytime and Cafe Escape in daytime for better variety
-Removed some flying bushes on the Park Escape

Watchdogs Job - Truck load
-Fixed a gate that reacted in a strange way when C4 was used
-Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown in unreachable places

Firestarter Job - Day 1
-Fixed so cameras stop beeping after the alarm goes off

Firestarter Job - Day 2
-Fix for cuffed guard that is not detected as suspicious activity
-Fixed breakable glass in the server room

Safe house
-Fix for one secondary slot missing in weapons rack

Changelog for Update #6 - 20130823

-Fixed a Steam disconnect crash
-Fixed collision on Watchdogs Day 1
-Added so that the ECM blocks pagers if deployed BEFORE they go off. Warning: they come back after the ECM is done.
-Then you need to deal with them as usual. The ECM is a delay of the call not a terminator of it

Changelog for Update #7 - 20130826

-Tweaked the escape rate on several heists, lowering the chance of an escape happening
-Cable ties will no longer be replenished if dropping out and then into a game again
-Backup save is now saved automatically every time the user loads back to menu
-Because backup save is saved automatically, player is no longer asked to save while quitting the game
-Skill - Silent Drilling - Lowered the drill sound volume when skill is activated
-Implemented a fix connected to player movement crashes
-Implemented a fix where players would crash, seemingly because of connection problems, but actually because
of host issues

Change-log for Update #8 - 20130827

Gameplay crash
-Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the player was trading a hostage to get the host out of custody

Changelog for Update #9 - 20130827

-Fix for looping sounds getting stuck for host (while interacting with something giving a bag) when client finishes interacting with the same object
-Fixed an issue where texture bleed would occur on uppercase "H"
-Fixed some collision issues
-Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in a toilet on the Framing Frame job, Day 1
-Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind doors
-Made some minor GUI tweaks

-The two heaviest armors now makes you move slower than before

-CMP Submachinegun has a new animation and a vertical grip
-Third person barrel extension (nozzle) named Stubby has an updated texture

-There now is a higher chance to drop weapon mods for weapons you currently own
-Some masks are now more rare than they were previously
-Chance for cash drop cards in PAYDAY is now reduced depending on your reputation level

-Ghost Tier 4 now reduces the movement speed penalty for armor
-Ghost Tier 6 now gives your weapons a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
-Skill - SMG Specialist - ACE - skill has been replaced: it now increases rate of fire for all SMG weapons
-Skill - Silent killer - ACE - skill has been upgraded: all your silenced weapons now have a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
-Skill - Lockpicking Expert - ACE - skill has been upgraded: you now also interact even faster while lockpicking

Change-log for Update #10 - 20130830

-New seeding for Crime.net contracts. All available contracts will have a chance to be displayed. No more waiting forever for a contract to appear.
-New Crime.net filter where you can filter on specific contracts.
-You can now buy contracts available on Crime.net. Bain will set you up for a fee deducted from your Offshore Account.

-For all stealth crews out there, you can now highlight cameras as long as the alarm hasn't been triggered.

-Fixed an issue where we changed the interaction point for lockpicking safes, making it work better

Safe house
-Due to popular demand from the community, we've improved the safe house vault - if you're rich enough, you'll know what we mean

-Shinobi - Ace - Changed skill description to more accurately describe what the skill does
-Juggernaut - Ace - Sprint and shoot upgrade added to the skill
-Kilmer - Ace - Sprint and reload upgrade added to the skill

-Stubby can now be modded on the CMP Submachinegun
-Silenced guns are much better silenced - Try it and see if you like it!

Bug fixes
-Infamous ALT Space bug and BEEP keyboard is gone + dead + no more!
-Fixed an issue with the pager yellow highlights on gangsters killed before cops are alerted

Release Notes
Release Group: FTS
Release Date: 8/30/13
Release Type: Patch
Cracked by: ALI213(SteamEmu)

Скачать торрент [UPDATE] PAYDAY 2 (Update 1-10) (ENG) - FTS.torrent [634 MB]

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