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Trials Fusion [Update 1] (2014) PC | Патч

  • Добавлено: 18.06.2014, 17:59
  • 561.16 MB
Игра: Trials Fusion
Дата выпуска игры: 24 Апреля 2014 
Дата выпуска обновления: 18 Июня 2014
Тип обновления: Официальное
Версия обновления: Update 1 
Требуемая версия игры: Любая
Защита: Ubisoft+Steam
Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM)

Trials Fusion - Окунитесь практически в бесконечный и невероятный поток гоночных состязаний в невероятном и большом мире игры Trials Fusion. Покажите практически все, на что вы сами способны, преодолевая все препятствия и взлетая ввысь на всяких трамплинах в попытках хоть как-то побить все рекорды лучших гонщиков с всего мира. Неважно, проходите ли вы саму трассу в одиночку, состязаетесь просто с своими друзьями или участвуете даже в глобальном и невероятном турнире — В окружающем вас мире всегда будет царить дух соревнований и только.

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General Bug Fixes:
• Issues with entering a password containing any type of special characters either in the registration or log-in screen have been fixed.
• The Season Pass check mark indicating successful activation will now show if it was not before.
• Fixed issue where scores were sometimes failing to update to the leaderboard.
• Notifications will no longer disappear from the notification center after going back to the title screen.

Track Central:
• When you mark a track as a favorite in Track Central, your selection will stay on that track.
• After playing a track from Track Central and returning back to the menus, your selection should be on the last track you were playing.
• The Track Central feed "Top Rated This Week” only updates when number of likes or dislikes has changed since the last day.
• Fixed an issue that was making the client occasionally freeze when cancelling the launching of a custom track from Track Central.
• Fixed an issue showing incomplete track lists when sorting tracks by Track Rating in Track Central.
• Number of faults and time counter can now be observed on FMX tracks in Track Central Leaderboards
• Saved searches in Track Central will no longer disappear if a player switches their Xbox Live accounts.
• Top Rated feeds show only tracks released in the last 7 days.
• Newest Beginner and Extreme feeds have been added.

Track Editor:
• When testing a track in the Editor, you can now press the LB or L1 on first checkpoint to skip the countdown.
• A Scroll bar has been added to various segments of the Track Editor
• Fixed an issue where controls became disabled in the editor.
• Fixed various errors causing crashes in the Track Editor

• FMX tricks that push the rider forward in speed runs no longer will do this.

• The local multiplayer menu has been updated to be more usable.
• Zoom controls are no longer active in the Garage when other menus (Notification center, Player quick stats, customization window) are active.
• Users are now able to adjust colors for Light Up The Skies wheel set in the Garage.

PC Specific:

• Fixed issues that were causing the client to freeze when closing the game from the in-game editor.
• Fixed an issue that was causing a crash in the in-game editor when using "move building” command on the seed building.
• Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.
• Fixed an issue that was causing a freeze when selecting a track and cancelling before choosing a bike in the garage.
• Fixed a crash when booting the game and having "My Documents” folder on a network drive.
• Game now generates memory dump when crashing that can be sent to the dev team to help to investigate the issue.

• Garage loading time decreased.
• New options have been added to the graphic settings menu to help user to tweak performances: soft particles, particle resolution, and foliage.
• Different optimizations have been added for low end GPU.

• Fixed gamepad sticks dead zone issue to make it on par with consoles’ controllers.
• Fixed keyboard controls on FMX, the biker won’t automatically keep doing FMX tricks after one has been performed.
• When reaching the 5th checkpoint in Marina Mania and playing with Eyefinity/Surround resolutions, the camera now behaves properly.

• Mouse cursor now disappears when using the gamepad.
• Camera no longer moves automatically in Biker and Rider menus.
• Improved mouse wheel handling in several menus.
• Setting game options to "Ultra” will now persist through subsequent booting.
• Sound settings are now saved properly.

• Fixed place holder dialog message appearing when trying to launch the title through Steam after Uplay has been uninstalled.

• The mouse cursor no longer moves erratically when selecting objects.
• The distance that an object can be selected with the mouse has been increased.
• The layer menu and create object menu can now be navigated with the mouse.
• Icons now fit in the screen for all resolutions.
• Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.

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